As we wrote in the previous article “Magical Moments”, the human factor is very important to us at Santa Croce Boutique Hotel. This is why we like to support the work of Alberto Dabrilli, a friend of our Casa, and we are happy to exhibit some of his works in our breakfast room and library. As the attached photos show, Alberto’s paintings bring color and warmth with them and his cartoonish modernity dialogues in an interesting way with the classic furnishings of the Santa Croce Boutique Hotel.


Born in 1976 on the Venice Lido, Alberto Dabrilli graduated from the Venice Art Institute in the arts of printing and pictorial decoration. He has always been involved in painting and comics, winning some competitions and being published by foreign and Italian publishing houses.


He made an animated short for an American director.


In the last three years he has dealt with heraldry (noble coats of arms) with dedication and professionalism, deservedly earning the title of an Honorary Academician of History of Fine Arts at the Dannunziana International University.


Furthermore, on commission, he creates paintings of all types and subjects. Our reception staff will be ready to arrange a contact with the artist to discuss any desired project of our dear guests.



To those who stay with us a little longer we would like to recommend a day trip to Verona which will provide you with a different insight into the region of Veneto, the land – “terraferma” – of Venice. Verona is a city with a very warm vibrancy and situated in a splendid position, on the banks of the river Adige and nestled up against the foothills of the Dolomites. And it has to offer so much more than the most famous balcony supposedly linked to Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Giulia” in the so-called “Casa di Giulietta”.

We recommend you to take the “Regionale veloce” (fast regional train) at Venezia Santa Lucia, the train station which is just a five minutes’ walk from Santa Croce Boutique Hotel, for instance leaving at 08.10 in the morning. If the weather is fine and clear you might enjoy a wonderful panorama view of the high mountains on the horizon all the way between Venice and Verona. Running time from Venice to Verona Porta Nuova is about 1 1/2 hours. Having arrived, you will easily find in front of the station a desk where to buy a day ticket for Verona bus services, including a map.

For your very first visit in Verona you might like to visit the four impressive main churches representing much of the city’s fascinating history and for which is offered a combined ticket, including ample information material. For instance take bus no. 30 from the station to Piazza San Zeno at the western end of the historical center. There you have fine opportunities to take a coffee break before heading on to your first visit, dedicated to the Basilica of San Zeno, one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Italy, but boasting as well a highly famous altar piece by the Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna.


After visiting San Zeno take a relaxing walk along the beautiful River Adige, passing by Castelvecchio, the old fortress, and enjoy looking at the wonderful palaces along Corso Cavour and Corso Portoni Borsari which lead right into the city centre. Of course enjoying the hustle and bustle at the famous Piazza Erbe, the historical market place, is a must. Continue to S.Anastasia, a splendid example of Italian Gothic, where you will indulge in a long row of precious artwork, for instance a fascinating fresco by Pisano, one of the pioneers of Early Renaissance. From there the impressive Duomo, the cathedral, is just a stone’s throw away. It boasts, among innumerable others, remarkable art work of the Renaissance, for instance a painting by Titian and giant frescoes by Giulio Romano. Also do not miss the cloister of Sant’Elena, a touching oasis of peace, which also belongs to the large complex of the cathedral.

On your way back to the Train Station (by bus of by foot) you might like to visit also the fourth church, San Fermo, and pass by the world famous Arena. Or, now having fallen in love with Verona, leave it for your next visit which might also lead you to the museum of Castelvecchio.

Every 22 minutes after the full hour the very comfy “Regionale Veloce” leaves Verona Porta Nuova to take you back to Venezia Santa Lucia. Do not miss to enjoy the view over the lagoon while heading home to Santa Croce Boutique Hotel which is situated in a perfect position to combine the visit of Venice with day trips to the mainland, such as the city of Verona.





Since the opening of our Santa Croce Boutique Hotel almost five year ago a lot of innovative ideas have been devoloped by us, all of them based on our main values: the warmth of true hospitality, the authenticity of our Venetian roots and our special appreciation for guests who are eager to come back again, also for longer stays, to make discoveries off the beaten track. And we are so pleased and feel extremely honored to know from your enthusiastic reviews that you do appreciate that very dedication.
And herewith, right at the beginning of the new season of 2023, we finally start off with our own weblog dealing with all kinds of stories that we believe that might be of special interest to you: cultural events and exhibitions, hidden historic gems or artisan specialities to be explored during your next visit, or excursions to the “terraferma”, the Veneto region, may it be a historical sight, an interesting city or a famous spa. However, what always counts for us most is the human factor that has the potential to turn an encounter into a magic moment.
The magic moment we have chosen for our first weblog posting is a taxi boat tour that not only offers insights into Venetian life from a very different and exciting point of view. If Ttime and weather (and good luck) permit, you may even  xperience a magnificent sunset over the Serenissima just as well. The sunsets here are so extremely spectacular because the light and the colours are not dimmed by a smooth landscape, but, on the contrary, they are reinforced by the way of reflection thanks to the water surfaces. The oscillating effect of that backlighting, the so-called “chiaroscuro”, a poignant contrast between light and dark, is one of the unmatched characteristics of Venice. Not only can it be observed in the nature of the lagoon, but it has also influenced Venetian art and you can experience it even in the Byzantine-inspired Basilica of San Marco.
Most of our guests who arrive here with us for the first time articulate their wish to take a gondola trip, but we can convince them to take an hour’s taxi boat tour instead. And how delighted we are to know, after their return, from their great enthusiasm and gratefulness that our recommendation has fulfilled all their expectations, and beyond. Because what makes our taxi boat trip so special is the young driver and guide, Tommaso, who is not only a Venetian himself, but has even attained a degree in history of art at Ca’ Foscari, the Venetian university with its headquarter located in one of the most beautiful palazzi on the banks of the Canal Grande.
Needless to mention that Tommaso’s deep knowledge of his home city means a priceless source of knowledge for everybody joining him in his elegant wooden boat. The special trip arranged for you starts off just a few steps away from the Hotel, following a tailormade route according to your special interests, and is adjusted to arrive in the basin of San Marco perfectly on time to watch an unforgettable sunset, one of the true magic moments of your visit in Venice and our Santa Croce Boutique Hotel.




Santa Croce Boutique Hotel is situated in an authentic district where you can still
immerse yourself into the true life of the Venetians, may it be their daily shopping in small super markets or in bakeries, may it be the kids playing football in the shade of one of the oldest churches in Venice, San Giacomo dell’Orio, or the seniors meeting in the “campo” for a little chat. But Santa Croce, our district, also offers great museums which are just a five minutes’ walk away form the hotel: One of them is the renowned “Ca’ Pesaro” with its Gallery of Modern Art.
For those who visit for the first time this Gallery will treasure a lot of surprising finds that you maybe would not expect here at all: Paintings and Sculptures not only from Italian masters, as for instance Giorgio Moretti or Giacomo Balla, but also from a wide range of international artists, such as the Austrian Gustav Klimt, the Spanish Joacquín Sorolla or the French Auguste Rodin. But what makes this Gallery so especially fascinating is the fact that it is implemented into a Venetian palace, dating back to the baroque period, and rising on the banks of the Canal Grande. The paintings and sculptures from the 19th and the early 20th century and the baroque ceilings definitely create a highly interesting conversation between very different periods of history of art!

But the true surprise is hiding on the third floor, so do not hesitate to climb up there, because you will not only enjoy a wonderful view, but also find a very special gem off the beaten track and almost unknown: the Museum of Oriental Art. We especially treasure this emotional link between the Orient and Venice, and therefore it has become one of our themes chosen for the rooms.
As for opening hours and how to get to Ca’ Pesaro of course our team at the reception desk will gladly take care of it. Do enjoy your visit at the wonderful Ca’ Pesaro!



An Oasis of peace in Venice


The Santa Croce Boutique Hotel in Venice is an oasis of peace in the heart of the lagoon city. Located a few steps from the Santa Lucia railway station, it offers elegantly furnished rooms with touches of modernity and Venetian tradition. The hotel has a beautiful terrace with a Lounge Bar where you can enjoy breakfast or an aperitif at sunset. Furthermore, the central location allows you to easily reach the main tourist attractions of Venice. A stay at the Santa Croce Boutique Hotel is ideal for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience in the Serenissima.