1 September 2019

Celebration of Negroni’s 100th

A Celebration of Negroni’s 100th with Jazz live music

Personalize your Negroni! Choose you mix of Gin, Bitter and Vermouth.

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Cocktail Negroni’s Story

Count Camillo Negroni, Florentine, eclectic, eccentric world wild traveler, lover of horses and adventure.

Experienced drinker from a long time spent in the United States, where he led the herds in Wyoming finally returned in his town, Florence.

1919 in Florence, the story goes like this:

Herbalist’s shop, Casoni cafè between via Tornabuoni and via Spada.

Count Negroni enters the shop where he was feeling like at home, searching for a new taste of aperitif.

Wishing to change and tone the usual mixture  (inspired by his knowledge acquired through years of travelling and tasting drinks) he asks to add a reinforcer, indicating the bottle of Gin to the “bar tender” Fosco Scarselli.

So that’s it!

The result is a cocktail that changes the fashion of the period by adding to the usual way of drinking vermouth, the red color of Bitter Campari and a splash of “brio” of soda.