The hotel is safe!

Our main goal is the health and well-being of our guests and our staff.
Our pride and joy has always been the cleanliness and care we take to make our guests’ stay safe and comfortable.

Our eco green line and our attention to your health and safety offer compostable products or disposable products that can be used exclusively by each single Guest.

In accordance with WHO guidelines we have implemented our daily cleaning and sanitation procedures:

Why is it safe to have breakfast at the Santa Croce Boutique Hotel?

  • Express products, from the kitchen to the customer.
  • All dishes are washed in dishwashers with temperatures above 70°C, detergents for medical surgeon, dried with disposable paper.
  • Breakfast in turn upon reservation.
  • Total sanitization of the room at the beginning, end of breakfast, between one shift and the other, change meis en place / screened, sanitization of chairs and tables.
  • Airy room between shifts.
  • Safety distance (2 mt between each table, maximum 5 rooms at a time).
  • Hand sanitizer available in and out of the breakfast room.
  • Staff equipped with masks and gloves.
  • Equipped with continuous air recirculation.

And also…

  • Breakfast in our secret garden surrounded by a fantastic sunny day.
  • Breakfast in your room at no extra charge.

Are there masks and disinfectant in the Hotel?

At the Hotel all the staff is equipped with masks, there are medical kits in all departments, with disposable masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant gel inside.

Should you need additional kits, these will be available at the reception desk.

In the common areas, breakfast room, bathroom, outside the lift on the various floors, you will find medical kits and disinfectant gel.

How are the rooms cleaned?

The rooms are cleaned daily.

On the day of the check in the room is cleaned thoroughly, with detergents for medical surgery and in any case according to the WHO guidelines.
At the end of the cleaning, the room is further sanitized with ozone.

Our Hotel, has a system of air recirculation, not only in the rooms but in all common areas, active 24h that guarantees a continuous exchange of air.

The room is cleaned daily, with particular attention to all surfaces and sanitized with specific products.

Our maids, will work in the rooms, working with masks, disposable gloves that will change after cleaning each room, as well as using cleaning cloths always clean and sanitized, dedicated only to the room of each guest, so as to ensure safety and disinfection from room to room.

How are the sheets cleaned?

All the linen in the room, such as tablecloths and napkins are closed in bags after use and collected from an external industrial laundry that washes and sanitizes scrupulously following all the instructions of the WHO.

Can I have breakfast in my room?

You can enjoy our rich breakfast directly in your room, guaranteeing privacy, security and at no extra cost, at the time you prefer.

Can I cancel my reservation in case of another epidemic?

In the hope that the health emergency will normalize as soon as possible, we thought to offer you a taylor made tariff plan in case of further difficulties.
A flexible rate with free cancellation up to 72 hours in advance or a non-refundable rate with the possibility to recuperate your stay in the following six months with our special voucher. Contact us and we will help you to choose the easiest solution.

Is Venice a safe city?

Venice, like the whole Veneto region, is a safe city. The Veneto Region is internationally recognized for high level emergency management.
During the Covid -19 emergency, the citizens of Venice city centre were infected in relative numbers.
The municipality of Venice has sanitized the entire city and all public transport, as well as the civic museums and is periodically sanitized with special products.

Can I check in online?

You can check in completely online, before your arrival at the hotel.
After booking you will receive an email with a link, to access the pre check-in online section, where you can fill in all the necessary data for all members of the family and reduce the time spent at the reception.

If you wish, our staff will accompany you to your room to give you some important information about your stay. Alternatively we will provide you with digital or paper tutorials.
In your room there is a directory with all the information about the hotel, the services we offer and the city.

The reception desk is equipped with an anti-droplet plexiglass screen and in any case the distances of one meter between staff, client and other clients are always maintained.
An alcohol-based disinfectant gel dispenser is available at the reception desk and can be used by guests.
Staff members have a dedicated dispenser at their disposal.

  • Disposable masks and gloves will be available to guests who request them.

The reception desk is sanitized by the staff every time a customer approaches to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.
For baggage handling the staff is provided for the use of gloves.